22 March 2023

Wedding shoes: choosing the right pair for the big day

Weddings are a special day for couples and it is important to make sure that everything is perfect! Whether you are the groom, the best man or just a guest, shoes are a crucial part of the outfit and it is essential that you choose the perfect and suitable model.

Groom, best man or guest, which men's shoes to wear to a wedding?

At first glance, being well-shod will not only depend on the style of shoes chosen. It's a question of individual preferences, the theme of the wedding and the degree of formality chosen. Our main advice, if we were to give only one, is to choose the quality of both the fitting and the skins. A well-made shoe will indeed have all the more allure and will complete your outfit with refinement. Choose a stitched assembly, such as a Goodyear or Blake, accompanied by excellent leather.

Buying beautiful shoes is therefore an important investment but it will last over time. Choose your shoes carefully. If you choose well, your shoes will be with you long after the day of the ceremony and on many occasions.

It's also important to point out that these tips and rules are not set in stone. After having accompanied hundreds of couples on this very special day, we are here to share our knowledge with you in order to avoid any errors. Keep in mind, however, that they are not to be taken literally, depending on your habits and desires.

thE groom

Although the bride attracts attention with her wedding dress, it's important not to neglect the groom's outfit: his shoes can make a difference!

Often ordinary and formal, they should be elegant, comfortable and matching. They are often overlooked, but are essential to complete a sophisticated look. Buying good shoes is an important investment as they can be worn long after the wedding and for many occasions.


Formal for some, timeless for others, one thing is certain, you can't go wrong with a one-cut.

This richelieu takes its name from its construction, made from a single piece of skin with a single seam at the back. It has no added tips or perforations of any kind, making its look all the more refined and formal, making it an ideal choice for ceremonies.

The elegance of this shoe is based on its last and the quality of the leather. For our version of the one-cut, we have chosen the 199 last. The Gédéon has a slim French last and is therefore slender, while adapting to standard to thin feet. As for the leather, we work with the Weinheimer Tannery for the Box Calf Noir version and with Dupuy Tannery for the coloured versions. These full-grain calf leathers allow for the application of a glaze, an original touch with a shiny appearance that will finish the outfit.

FOCUS: Colour VS Black, which colour for formal shoes?

It was often said that black was for city weddings, while brown was for country weddings. Today, we only distinguish between colours according to the formality of the wedding and the attire.

Black is suitable for the most formal degree, while brown is more casual. Similarly, with a dark, formal suit, choose dark colours such as black, plum or chocolate. Conversely, go for light brown or cognac with a light suit.

If you're still unsure about the perfect colour for your outfit, here are the combinations that work every time.


Black shoes will go well with a black suit, especially a dinner jacket, but also with dark grey and navy blue colours. A 2 or 3 piece suit is ideal for a formal wedding.

If you prefer plum, a navy blue or grey suit, always in 2 or 3 pieces will be an ideal match.

Chocolate can easily be combined with a dark or medium grey suit, a light brown suit, such as a sandy beige, or a medium blue 2 or 3 piece suit (royal, duck or any other shade you like).

If you opt for cognac, choose shades in a medium blue, light grey and or light brown for the best effect.

Getting married in patina shoes


A magical day with unique shoes! For the perfect outfit, think of patina and create the shade of your dreams. Each pair of shoes to be patinated are unique, bringing originality and character to any wedding outfit, from the most formal to the most casual.

From classic colours to more daring shades, our wide range of colours offers you endless possibilities.

Whether you want to work on a chocolate shade with a marbled texture, a cognac with deep purple shades for a tenfold relief or imagine a unique and extravagant colour gradation, the patina answers all your desires.

Make sure that your suit and shoes match perfectly. Our patina artist will listen to you and adapt the patina to your outfit and your inspiration.

This will make you unique on your special day. No one will wear the same shoes as you, which will be unforgettable and unmistakable.

To complete your look, think of the details that make a difference. Choose a belt in the same colour as your patina. From oxfords to sneakers, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


Since its comeback five years ago, the double-buckle derby has been a popular choice for formal occasions. Less formal but just as elegant as a richelieu, the buckles add an extra touch of originality to this derby while remaining sophisticated.

However, avoid wearing it Italian style for a formal wedding (which means open buckles), which gives it a much more casual feel (or at least save that option for the end of the evening). It's best to try this Sprezzatura style for less formal weddings.


When it comes to accessories, there is the question of whether or not to match belts, socks and other details that complete the outfit.

If you choose to wear a belt, choose one that matches the colour of your shoes. Indeed, if the wearing of a belt is not compulsory, in particular with pinch trousers or a tailored suit, it is preferable to match the colour of the shoes. Be careful, however, as a belt is to be prescribed with a three-piece suit.

And socks? They are such an essential accessory that you almost forget about them (and no, you can't do without your knee socks). They are worn either with the shoes to shorten the leg, or with the trousers to lengthen the leg.


The best man is one of the most important people at the event. He plays a crucial role in accompanying the bride and groom, not that we want to put any pressure on you! As such, it is essential that his attire is elegant, well-matched and above all comfortable.


You can't go wrong with a straight toe. A classic toe cap by excellence, a piece of leather has been sewn onto the toe, creating an added toe cap. It's available in derby, oxfords and double-buckle versions and can be adapted to all foot shapes. You are sure to find the right shoe for your feet.

A great classic of the men's wardrobe reinterpreted by 7L, the Eugène comes in both a round andslender last, with an elegant and contemporary style. Prefer the Alexandre if you are a fan of visible bibs and buttresses.
For lovers of derbies, opt for the Pablo. Its open lacing system gives it a less strict look while easily accommodating a strong foot. Classic and timeless, it guarantees a distinguished and dressy look even with a rounded toe.
These versatile models can be worn for ceremonies as well as for work. If you choose one of these models, we'd like to warn you right away: they will quickly become a must-have in your wardrobe as they can be adapted to a wide range of outfits.


In a less formal register, the perforation authorises a fantasy that lovers of well-made shoes will enjoy wearing. More original, while remaining conventional, these brogues, derbies or even richelieus break with the classic codes.

Classic and discreet, the Joffre has a front panel with perforated bands. It is a versatile model that can be worn with both formal and casual clothing.

The Cernay manages to be a dress shoe while adding a touch of casualness thanks to its floral toe cap. It will add a discreet dose of pep to any plain suit.

The guest

If one wishes to present oneself in the best possible light to honour the bride and groom in this very special ceremony, a subtle and discreet elegance will be welcome so as not to overshadow them. A more casual approach can be adopted.

WITH PLATFORM OR TAssels, Try the loafers

Between casual and preppy, the moccasin combines casualness and elegance.

The tassel is becoming increasingly popular, a fine choice that connoisseurs will easily recognise. Dare to use it with the Vadillo, which comes in a smooth leather sole but also in a vibram commando sole for a chic and casual look.

Suede calf versions like the Manhattan will delight casual aficionados. Its hazelnut and taupe versions can be easily combined with a linen suit. Unlined and fitted with Goodyear Comfort Welted stitching for greater flexibility, they are easy to wear in summer, for a country or bohemian wedding.

As you can see, the moccasin, even if it does not meet the traditional codes of the suit, remains an interesting option, both elegant and casual. It offers an interesting intermediary to the sneaker, which takes it to another level of casualness.


Despite the purists of shoes, the sneakers continues to assert itself and to be worn by guests as well as the bride and groom. However, only opt for sneakers if the wedding theme lends itself to them.

The best dressed sneaker is the white monochrome. Bringing a casual touch, the Soho in its white calf box version brings an elegant simplicity.

We also recommend patina sneakers, which offer an interesting option. The Gédéon sneakers, a one-cut on a rubber sole, or the Soho, will allow you to create a patina that will make these models more sophisticated.

The Eloy offers an alternative to the classic double buckle. Revisiting this timeless design in a sneaker version, it allows for a less sustained approach while retaining the charm of this model.

*Title of course not validated by Mathieu Preiss



We interviewed Mathieu Preiss, founder of Septième Largeur, to find out all his tips and tricks for a successful wedding. Find the complete series on our Instagram page

Do you think there is a "wedding dress code", specific rules about shoes for men?

It's true that the area today is more casual, but in my opinion, it's important to celebrate the moment, to dress accordingly and to be at least in a two piece suit.

The most common dress code, and the one I recommend, is a two-piece suit, with a shirt, tie and shoes. It is customary to wear a pair of Oxford shoes with a suit. There is no written rule, but this closed shoe is a guarantee of a flawless performance.

If the wedding is country, beach or deliberately casual, then the tie or even the shirt can be omitted.

What are the best shoe styles for a wedding?

The timeless and indestructible is and remains the One cut. What I particularly love is to do a patina for the big day: whether you're a groom or a guest, it always looks good!

For several years, the Oxfords has been challenged by the Derbies and more particularly the Monks. It's a deliberately more casual bet, even if one might think the opposite. It's true that it's a great option because it's comfortable more quickly and is very versatile. Likewise, when skating it's great.

Of course, the Sneakers has made a dramatic entrance. It's an interesting but delicate exercise. I would advise taking it as dressy as possible and not too contrasting. We offer patina sneakers at 7L, and they are particularly good at matching outfits.

As you can see, there are many trends and this is good news.

Depending on the colour of the outfit the groom is wearing, should the shoes match or contrast?

I think that tone on tone should be avoided at all costs. It's rarely a winning bet because we're not talking about the same materials, which also don't react in the same way to different light conditions.

Shoes should be contrasting without overdoing it (e.g. avoid light browns with navy blue suits, prefer burgundy or plum, it matches perfectly).

While the types of shoes that are valid and fashionable for a wedding have expanded, there are still unchanging rules about colour matching.

Which materials (sole, leather) are most comfortable for wedding shoes?

Whatever the materials, the best way to be as comfortable as possible on the big day is to have worn your shoes beforehand. It is said that you have to "break them in", to have already worn them for several days until you can stand up for a whole day.

This period is estimated at 3 to 4 full days (avoid several days in a row to allow the foot to rest).

If the wedding is mainly outdoors, I still recommend the rubber, especially if it's wet ground.

A little tip: we dance very well with leather soles, without skates!

What details or finishes should be sought for a sophisticated appearance?

If you are the groom, you must pay particular attention to your outfit. You have to make an impression and stand out from the crowd.

I recommend patina shoes for the big day. Having a personalised pair is a real plus and allows you to match the colour of the suit perfectly.

Another detail, your shoes must be maintained and if possible iced.

How to care for wedding shoes after the big day?

Like normal shoes! There might be a bit more work if the party is particularly dancing ;)

We have a shoe care guide and you can even make an appointment in our shops for a private lesson.

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