4 May 2023

The Ameto

Discover the Ameto, the latest sneaker from the House, and its history in our new article tracing its unique style with Japanese influences.

Inspired directly by the Japanese Ametora, Septième Largeur offers a reinterpretation of the deck shoe in a more formal version, respecting our strict specifications for a result worthy of our know-how.


Ameto is directly inspired by the Japanese term Ametora. A combination of American and Toradishonaru (Japanese for tradition), it refers to a clothing movement that emerged as a result of the cultural opening of Japan in the 1970s.

This style emphasises elegance and simplicity, and Deck shoes are no exception. It is characterised by classic, elegant pieces such as blazers, cardigans, wool jumpers, chino trousers, button-down shirts and shoes such as loafers or derbies. The colour palette is generally quite dark in shades of blue (preferably navy), grey or brown.

FOCUS : The Ametora movement

The Ametora movement has its roots in the 1970s, which were characterised by a formal, strict and constitutional ban implemented by the Japanese state to prevent aid to the United States in the context of the Vietnam War.

During this period, Japanese youth was at the heart of social changes. A revolution in dress habits took place, giving rise to a new identity. Rejecting the image-conscious, strict and eligible male style of dress as imposed by the state, a real desire to adopt a much more "relaxed" lifestyle was developing, defying all cultural habits.

W. David Mark, in his book "Ametora, or How Japan Saved American Style", describes these looks and allurements, which were then considered distressing:

"They found many young men wearing crumpled shirts with curious buttons to hold the collar in place, suit jackets with an unnecessary third button high on the torso and cut from madras fabrics and garish tartans, shrunken chinos and leather shoes with intriguing perforations on the front. The teenagers' hair was parted in a precise seven-to-three ratio - a look that required the use of an electric hairdryer. The police discovered that this particular style was called aibii, a Japaneseisation of the English word 'Ivy'.

Even today, the Ametora movement continues alongside traditional American fashion, which impacts and influences many styles, giving rise to new trends.


Deck shoes are shoes specially designed to be worn on board a ship. They were originally introduced in the 1930s by Paul Sperry, an American sailor looking for a solution to avoid slipping on the wet decks of his ship. 

Our reinterpretation blends history and technicality, and can of course be worn whether you are sailing or not.

Produced in our factory in Spain, the Ameto is characterized by its more dressed up look than a simple Deck shoes sneaker thanks to its different colours and its specific material.

The upper is a suede calf leather from the Sciarada tannery in Italy, with a pleasant velvety feel, for a dressy style and a unique look while remaining easy to wear. It is available in brown, beige and brick, three colours with assertive shades for an elegant look without overdoing it, with just the right amount of casualness.

Mounted on a wide last (262),  the Ameto is undeniably comfortable. It will easily add a subtle touch of sophistication while providing all day comfort. Its assembly is built on a side stitching for a better hold over time. Its anatomical insole is lined with leather, for optimal comfort and support on a daily basis.

Quality and durability are two terms that define our 100% natural rubber outsole. It offers superior grip on wet surfaces, which is one of the characteristics of deck shoes.

As you will have understood, our work on the Ameto is not just a simple reinterpretation of a classic, it's above all attention and rigour on our quality, while developing an irreplaceable model.


The Ametora is very popular because of its sophistication and refinement, which we have tried to reconcile in this model. The Ameto can easily be worn with both jeans and chino trousers, in that unmistakable IVY league spirit.

Pair it with blazers, cardigans, wool jumpers, chino trousers or button-down shirts for a preppy but not overdone look (Ametora style, you guessed it).

Wear here by @thesuitedfrenchy et @maninwave

Traditionally inspired by the American IVY League style, Ametora's style is not limited to blazers, chinos and other bombers. In its modern version, the approach could be called sartorial: combining conservative pieces with discreet details, mixing high quality basics and excellent materials, the accent is put on well-made pieces for which the Japanese know-how is no longer to be demonstrated, and to which we hope to have done honour with our Ameto.

The ametora style is also associated with a certain lifestyle. Fans of the movement value education, elegance, discipline and innovation, all of which are traits associated with a certain lifestyle. Dressing is then seen more as a form of expression of personality and identity, rather than just the function of clothing.

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