26 May 2023

Commando sole during Summer

The Commando sole needs no introduction, and in recent years it has made a name for itself in our changing rooms. While it's true that at first sight they seem to be reserved for the cold and rainy seasons, thanks to their insulating and gripping properties, they are also an ideal ally for the warmer weather.


The Commando Vibram sole is an Italian-made rubber sole with natural grip and insulation properties.

That's why we've naturally chosen to use it on the flagship models in our winter collections, especially the boots: the Basile Commando, our House's famous chelsea boots, the Tobar Commando, the iconic 7L triple buckle boot, and the Moissac Commando, the flagship model every winter.

The history of Vibram soles

We have traced the history of this Italian sole in our Diary, which we invite you to (re)discover to find out all you need to know about this legendary Italian brand:

  Discover our article

But the value of a Commando sole goes beyond its technical attributes. They give a more rugged and assertive look to the shoes they cover, a look that has won over many of us. It would be a shame to miss out this spring, and even in summer!


For a more summery version, we opted for Vibram Gumlite.

The rubber used is expanded, making it 40% lighter than traditional rubber. The result is a more supple, airy ride.

The sole remains true to the House's reputation, with the same insulating and gripping properties as traditional Vibram.

The question remains, however: do we really need a highly grippy sole in the middle of summer? The weather is generally milder (unless you're lucky enough to live in Paris, that is) and it's common to prefer a smooth leather sole, which is thinner, lighter and less hot, especially on unlined moccasins, which are therefore more flexible.

However, Valery from Jamais Vulgaire raised a very interesting point during his test of the Vadillo Commando: the comfort of a Commando sole can be a real advantage on holiday, when you're out and about in the city or elsewhere, on surfaces as uncomfortable as cobbles.

At this year's Pitti Uomo, he was able to walk the cobbles of Florence in 35-degree weather with the Vadillo on his feet, and concluded that "the gain in comfort is well worth the effort".

What's more, we've chosen to add Goodyear Comfort Welted stitching to the Vibram Gumlite sole for even greater flexibility, while maintaining the strength and durability of the assembly.

We recommend that you wear your shoes with invisible socks for greater comfort, although they can also be worn barefoot.


Although the Gumlite sole is part of our Spring-Summer collections, the models featuring it can still be worn just as easily once autumn arrives.

The intrinsic properties of the Vibram Gumlite sole mean it can easily withstand the seasons. The first rain or drop in temperature won't get the better of them.

What's more, the leathers that go with them are also naturally water-repellent. These include the Veau Velours from Stead Tannery and Sciarada Tannery, and the Box Calf from Weinheimer Tannery.

@Kevin_tipstyle is wearing the Classic Moc Commando in its Box Calf and Veau Velours versions.



The tassel loafer with a Commando sole. It's a daring idea, and the result is a real winner: it goes just as well with a pair of trousers as it does with a suit (and yes, the Commando sole and its casual side can be successfully combined with the elegance of a suit, whatever the purists say).

@Ontarioamstrong wears the Vadillo Commando in its suede calf version with refinement

Described as a "peculiar but successful exercise in style" by Hugo Jacomet, during the episode of Sartorial Talks in which Mathieu Preiss was interviewed, the Vadillo Commando appeals for its mix of genres and its sobriety. Discover the interview


Covered in navy suede calfskin for warm weather, the House's hunting derby is dressed up for casual wear. Its blue hue creates an attractive contrast with the notched sole.


We couldn't resist adding the Classic Moc Commando to our selection. Although it has a classic Vibram sole rather than a Gumlite sole, it's still one of those timeless models that can be worn in all circumstances, in summer as well as in winter.

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