Our story

A true passion

First and foremost, Septième Largeur was born out of a love story for beautiful shoes. Our family-held company is driven by a passion for craftsmanship and quality for more than 12 years.

In 2009, Marcos Fernandez and his nephew Mathieu Preiss decided to stir things up:  they wanted to make high-end shoes accessible. They created a Maison that offers an exclusive hand-made patina experience in store.

In order to understand the origins of 7L, it requires us to focus on the story of the co-founder Marcos Fernandez and its expertise.

His story

From Spain, he settles in the south of France with his parents that were running away from Franco's regime in 1946. 

Self-taught, he started working at a young age: groom in Parisian palaces, salesman... 1969 : his passion for beautiful shoes made him take the position of commercial director at Pierre d'Alby, one of the biggest french brand in the 70s. During those times, he worked with famous designers like Angès B. for the creation of a shoe range.

In 1973, he has the idea to sell an american product not yet commercialized in France: the authentic Penny Loafer. This marks the launch of the Sebago in France.

In 1980, the market is flooded by products made in Italy, glued and not stitched. For Marcos Fernandez, the Goodyear welted shoe still had its place and could easily be adapted to the modern lasts and styles. This is the creation of Bowen, in association with André Rousselet, founder of G7 taxis and Canal+.

During the 80s, Marcos was at the origin of the launch of the brand Doc Martens in France and in charge of renewing the collections of the french brand Paraboot. The Bowen brand will be ceded to the Manfield group in the 90s.

In 1995, Marcos launches Emling which he leaves in 2000. Thanks to his experience, Marcos becomes a consultant for multiple shoe factories. He will create Markowski in 2007.

Marcos Fernandez in Spain

The birth of Septieme Largeur

After short studies in law and several stays abroad, Mathieu Preiss joined his uncle at the beginning of Markowski. Passionate about shoes since he was a child, he wanted to make them his profession and took advantage of his uncle's expertise to start in the industry. Sensitive to art and unique pieces, he wanted to create his own colours on shoes and move upmarket by adding bootmaking techniques to the permanent collection. The Septième Largeur range was born. The idea is to give shoes a colourful patina while maintaining a very competitive price-quality ratio. It is a success, so much so that the range is extended and soon there is no more room in the shop.

Mathieu Preiss, co-founder

In 2009, Marcos and Mathieu founded and registered the brand Septième Largeur and one year later, they opened their first boutique, still in existence, at 59 rue Saint-Lazare in the Opéra district in Paris. In this shop you will see our Patina Studio where we do the colouring on leather for our Parisian sales outlets.


Four years later in 2013, the second boutique opened on the other side of the Seine. A beautiful setting in a quiet district of the capital.


2014 : The house takes the big step and opens its first shop abroad. Singapore leads the way internationally. A city where the house has many particularly loyal customers. Lucas and Jacky come from the world of finance but are passionate about beautiful shoes and will run this magnificent boutique until 2021. Due to health events and a difficult economic situation, the shop had to close its doors. We still have great memories of it. Fortunately, the adventure continues thanks to the development of our online offer and the ease of delivery, even at the other end of the world.


2015: Opening of a second boutique in Asia, destination Taiwan. A passionate couple and young entrepreneurs, Cynthia and Edward, are at the head of this superb boutique in the heart of the Da'an district in Taipei, the capital. As in each of the company's boutiques, the patinas are made on the spot, a sight that customers love.


2016: Opening of a boutique in Geneva. Located in the heart of the historic city centre, the shop is run by Clément and Vincent, two experts and enthusiasts of shoes and shirts who will guide you in your choice.


2018-2019 : Passing of the torch. Marcos leaves the adventure and Mathieu takes over the reins of the company after more than 10 years of experience and expertise. Despite the turmoil of 2020 - 2021, Septième Largeur still has plenty of surprises in store for you and continues to develop, always respecting its DNA, that of a family business that develops at its own pace and takes care of all its customers.

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