Story of patina

Septième Largeur Patina


Septième Largeur was born with the desire to satisfy aficionados of beautiful shoes.

In 2009, its founder Marcos Fernandez and his nephew Matthew Preiss decided to go further in the process of customization. 

The idea of patina obviously appeared ... Septième Largeur opens its first showroom in 2010 and attract for 5 years now , the most  distinguished clients but also the ones who have simple desires.

Combining art and technology, Septième Largeur offers a color palette that is limited only by your imagination.  Extravagance ou sobriety, bright pink or shades of grey, everything is possible. You just have to tell us what you want and the Atelier Patine does its best to meet your expectations as soon as possible.

Work the brush in the rules of art, color and effects applied will offer a unique piece.  Our patina guide can inspire you and give you an idea of what the Atelier Patine can do.

Anyway, you can be sure of the authenticity of your pair of shoes. Indeed, this customization is a handmade work, the same patina cannot be reproduced. Even if you want to get close of a model that you have seen, your shoes will only be the result of the combination between your wishes and our expertise.

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