7 February 2023

A new visual identity

Shoes that stand the test of time... Septième Largeur is evolving thanks to you. We are pleased to share our new brand image with you.

For the past 14 years, Septième Largeur's mission has been to make high-end men's shoes accessible to as many people as possible. Over the years, our company has continued to perfect the artisanal techniques of shoe design as well as the art of colouring leather, known as patina.   

   "Since the beginning of the company's history, the emphasis has been on the product and not so much on its packaging. The content more than the container. It was time to dress up our shoes, to give them a dress worthy of the quality they offer us."

Mathieu Preiss

Born of a desire for renewal and to align its image with this ever-present desire, Septième Largeur is proud today to present its new visual identity.

From a name, a story that is written to the rhythm of time

7L initially took its name from the shoe technique, through the foot measurement system used by all shoe makers around the world. Today, more than a simple technique, it is all the times of creation that we wish to share with you. From craftsman to craftsman-creator, there is only one step that we take.

The manifesto

7L for 7 times, from the creation of the shoe to the life of the wearer. Our aim here is to reclaim time and reinvent it to offer you a timeless experience: seven chapters, seven moments of style and character that write our new Manifesto. With the evolution of our identity, we reaffirm our history. A history guided by time, a history that takes time. The communications agency 4uatre, which accompanied us, tells it here:

"Behind the idea of time, there is first of all each of the times of the creation of the shoes, but also the continuation of their history, since they accompany for a long time those who wear them. The strength of this concept is that it allows us to tell the story of the brand's know-how in a different way, while at the same time highlighting the attention that 7L pays to each creation and to each customer.”

Paul Chatalic, strategic planner at 4uatre

A new visual identity

It’s quite naturally that we decided to call upon David Polonia, a graphic designer who has already made many houses shine, such as our friends at BonneGueule and L'Exception, to rework our visual identity around this concept of time.

Colour range

The colour scheme was one of the thorniest points to rework. It went back and forth a lot, without ever finding the perfect palette. We were looking to modernise it while keeping the burgundy colour we were attached to. Too dark or too bland, too sad or without body, no colour was to our taste.

However, it was thanks to Mathieu's greediness that the perfect colour was found. It was during a trip to Brazil that Mathieu, while eating one (or more) bowls of acai, found the perfect colour. Deep and bright at the same time, the açaí fruit directly inspired our work.

The logo

Our logo had changed little since its creation in 2009. Initially inspired by handwriting, it was no longer in line with the quality that our House offers.

The idea was not to create a rupture, not a revolution, but to initiate an evolution, to use David's words. It is therefore natural that the new symbol refers to the old one, but benefits from a more geometric treatment.

A first version was quickly discarded because it seemed too hard and didn’t convey much of the craftsmanship that remains one of the cornerstones of our House. Today, the lines create the right balance between high quality and softness.

"The 7 and the L are now halves of an equilateral triangle, which balances them and allows them to be used in possible designs. In order to continue the work initiated by the 4uatre teams and the evocation of the 7 times in the life of a shoe, we also worked on a secondary symbol, representing the symmetry of the 7 and the L, but in the manner of a watch face whose indexes would be duplicated 7s."

David Polonia

"The main typeface has also evolved into a more geometric, high-end look, and is a customized, softened version of a Futura. It’s accompanied by a chiseled and elegant serif typeface, Freight, designed by Joshua Darden. We've started to apply these new choices to a number of media, I really can't wait for you to experience them all, especially the tissue paper pattern, as this one has not escaped my eternal craze: handmade patterns!"

A story that continues to be written

What next? Our e-shop has already had a facelift. New logos and colours have been added to the product pages for a more refined and modern look, where the shoe remains at the heart of all considerations.

Rive Droite 

59 rue Saint-Lazare, Paris 9e arrondissement

Rive Gauche

5 rue Coëtlogon, Paris 6e arrondissement

The deployment of the new identity will also begin shortly in our shops, where we are always delighted to welcome you on a daily basis. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and your ever renewed confidence in our teams.

We would like to thank once again the entire 4uatre team as well as David Polonia who have accompanied us throughout this project.

7L Team

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