Marcos Fernandez Cabezas


Concept and realisation

Marcos Fernandez Cabezas, born in Spain, settled in the southwest of France in 1946 with his parents fleeing the Franco regime. Self-taught, he started working very young and a fettered trades. Groom in a large palace in Paris, seller of advertising space for cinemas in the provinces, his innate sense of business but especially his passion for beautiful shoes have naturally led to this industry.


His passion for the beautiful shoes brought him in 1969 to be the Commercial Director of the Department Shoes in the group Alby Stone, one of the largest French brand of ready-to-wear in the seventies. He worked with the famous fashion designer Agnes B to create a range of shoes sold by the group.


He had the idea to market an American product still rare in France, a moccasin already copied at the time by Italian manufacturers, the authentic "Penny Loafer". Sebago is launched in France.


At that time, the market is flooded with products of Italian origin, welded and not stitched. For Marcos Fernandez Cabezas, the shoe made with "Goodyear" has always a place and can ally with the models and especially the style present in the shops of its customers multi-brand distributors.
He created then the brand Bowen, in association with André Rousselet, President and founder of taxis G7 or Canal +. During these 80's, Marcos Fernandez was also behind the launch of the brand Doc Martens in France but also behind the revival of the old French brand Paraboot, renewing the collections.
The brand Bowen has been sold in 1990 to Manfield group.


After creating his eponymous label in 1992, Marcos Fernandez Cabezas releasedfa new brand in 1995, Emling.
Marcos Fernandez Cabezas sold his shares and left his position as Chairman of the distribution company of the brand Emling in 2000.
Since then, with his experience, he is a consultant for various shoes factories with whom he has worked extensively before.
Several products have been created and implemented on behalf of leading brands, such as high quality boots for riding. Marcos Fernandez also conducted missions as a volunteer on behalf of the Ethiopian Government to restart two plants in state.


Birth of Markowski

From the economic point of view, distribution, generating high costs in its traditional model is replaced by direct distribution from manufacturer to consumer.
The sale, via the Internet media, with the economy of the entire cost structure and logistics of traditional distribution, allows a price positioning that could be described as "wholesale price" for shoes, in shop was proposed at least twice as expensive.
Markowski is the result of the combination of complementary skills and personalities.



Septième Largeur

Marcos Fernandez and his nephew Matthew Preiss have created a collection designed for aficionados and lovers of beautiful shoes. 40 years of expertise and passion will be transmitted to a new generation with the aim to make things better.

As the name suggests it, Septième Largeur is a footwear that fits 80% of the feet of our citizens. Most models in this collection are made with very specific techniques. All our dress shoes are mounted sewn in the "GoodYear" way with seams burning in closed models built on the last 199 curved shanks have pegged wood for exceptional support of the arch.

Our world

A personnalisation service "Studio Patina" allows the client to color his shoes, the styles of skating are limited only by your imagination ...

Few exemples ...


Cession of Markowski

In September 2012, Marcos Fernandez Cabezas give Markowski to the company AREGE in order to focus exclusively on the development and adjustment of the models and collections of Septième Largeur.

Thanks to the succes of this new brand, a second store opened in the south of Paris but also in Singapore and Taïwan. The brand is just starting its expension abroad.


Mathieu Preiss.

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