7 October 2020

Le Penny Loafer Ivy !

Découvre les dessous de cette collaboration...


The origin of the penny loafer is an Indian skin moccasin with a typical shape and fit using water-resistant leather. The loafer was immediately adopted by the boating community in Maine, in the north-eastern United States, who appreciated its casual elegance.

But its hour of glory arrives in the years 50' S 60' S when the students of the American campuses (Ivy League) seize it to wear it in shorts or in cloth trousers with a blazer. They slipped a penny into the tongue of their shoe to give their shoe a reflection and to be able to reach each other by phone thanks to the campus phone boxes (especially the lovers).

The penny loafer was born (and its legend with it).

James Dean, JFK, or more recently Michael Jackson, will largely contribute to the success of this iconic model.


Leather goods

This is a so-called "Bookbindé" leather, the advantage of which is that it is waterproof. Indeed, the water washes off the skin while allowing the foot to breathe. It comes from a small tannery in Galicia, the Picusa tannery. Of course this moccasin is unlined for even more lightness.

The tray of the loafer

The top is made up of two joined leather panels sewn together by hand with double needles. A technical gesture still exclusively executed by hand. This method, which is less and less widespread, is the fruit of the know-how of our craftsmen. It gives cachet, a certain irregularity and therefore a personality to each shoe.

The assembly

This is a Blake stitched full tube moccasin assembly. A technical term, but in reality it underlines that the two inserts go around the shoe in a tubular way. Aesthetic detail, the roller passage on the outsole "dresses up" the model a little more.

The sole

A 100% leather sole that gives the moccasins a longer life and a better fit. It is a vegetable-tanned fat leather. The heel is made of natural rubber for more cushioning and grip. Once worn, it can be replaced at a shoemaker's or a 7L shop.


Jfk gold

The penny loafer is originally a sporty shoe, rustic one would be tempted to say: a shoe that can withstand any test with its waterproof leather. It is in this spirit that American students wear them like boat shoes in shorts and a t-shirt.

But already it is its versatility and comfort that has seduced this generation: during the day with a chino and a T-shirt, for going out with a blazer and a club tie.

Today, of course, a leather loafer is still seen as a dressy, elegant shoe.

While it is always a good idea to pair it with jeans or canvas trousers, it can easily be paired with flannel trousers and even a suit.

Collaboration "7L for Swann"

Swann & Oscar is a men's wardrobe, from shirts cut in France, to trousers and jumpers made in Italy. Quality clothing that endures the ages and occasions of life. Inspired by charismatic icons of the 60s and 70s, from Jean D'Ormesson to Jack Nicholson, Yves Montand and Lino Ventura. An elegance that doesn't take itself seriously, but which is made according to the rules of the art, each piece is cut on demand, to measure or to size in Italian or English fabrics.

A return to reasoned consumption, no overproduction, no unsold items, no sales, but a fair price throughout the seasons.

Swann and 7L are cousin brands: we started up at the same time, we are friends and we have common paths. We share the same concern for quality at a fair price, for service, and a strong relationship with European workshops (French for shirts, Spanish for moccasins).

It is quite naturally that we turned to each other when we had this crazy idea of creating the moccasin of our dreams; the right leather, the right colours, the right workshop, and the right proportions.

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